Thanks to VOIP, businesses can reach prospects from anywhere. The lead generation process has been the easiest in the recent decade, but not without challenges. Cloud telephony providers offer multiple tools to tackle lead generation challenges and help boost the number of leads collected. 

Communication is of utmost importance when generating leads, and making calls over a trustworthy and quality network helps build trust when making cold calls. The Moitele Campaign module boosts lead generation in a flexible yet efficient way. The minimalist softphone named Moitele Callbar is agile and can trigger calls directly from your database. So, how can businesses use Moitele Campaigns and boost lead generation?


How to effectively manage potential leads?

If a business brings in a surplus of potential leads but fails to categorize them, it causes a lead leak. A lead leak is when a potential lead slips from businesses due to a lack of tagging, follow-up, and organization. 

Users can set disposition codes helping agents quickly assign tags to leads, and the code names/numbers range from specific numbers to text. The manager setting up disposition codes should create clear codes names/numbers to eliminate miscommunication. 

Users can also assign leads to specific agents to eliminate duplication of efforts. Often there is a lack of clarity, resulting in few agents approaching the same prospect. Businesses can avoid lead leaks by combining the leads in a CSV or XLS file and uploading them into campaigns. Once uploaded, the data is accessible by team members granted access. 

Moitele Campaigns is available under the Moitele customer portal, which offers role-based access that comes in handy during campaign periods. Admin can organize their teams more effectively by adding agents and assigning team-based login rights. Each team member is also assigned specific roles that give access to certain areas of the customer portal. Role-based access eliminates confusion and helps admins understand what team performed well. 

Quality analysis is available for all calls made using Moitele softphones and offers insight into conversations with leads. 


Creating calling campaign periods

Campaign calling periods are tedious and time-consuming without some helping tools. In Moitele Campaigns, users can add a new campaign, set the dates, and upload a lead list. Admin can assign these campaigns to a team and set up targets and leads per campaign.

During the campaign, calls made using Moitele Callbar receive added benefits such as automated call forwarding, call recordings, transcripts, real-time call monitoring, and compliance management tools. 


Why do we recommend using Moitele Callbar during campaign periods?

The minimalist build of Moitele Callbar is a handy tool for busy agents to switch between multiple calls during the work day. In addition to its minimalistic nature, Moitele Callbar provides different functionalities such as: mute, hold, call recording, and power keys.

Power Keys are shortcut tools often used with keyboard keys, CTRL + alphabet key. The power keys help an agent execute quick functions, eliminating the need to click using the mouse. One of the best features of Moitele Callbar is the availability of click-to-call. An agent can click on the number to trigger a call on Moitele Callbar if the CSV/XLS sheet has valid phone numbers.

During campaign periods, an agent deals with a saturated amount of calls, and a lack of practical tools can create lead leaks. A business can reduce lead leaks and boost its lead generation efforts significantly with the help of Moitele Callbar.

Watch the video below and go on a virtual tour through Moitele’s Campaigns + Callbar.

    Frequently asked questions:

    How much does the Moitele Campaign module cost?

    Moitele Campaigns is available at no extra cost to registered Moitele users.

    What data file format can I upload into campaign data?

    Users can upload CSV or XLS file formats. 

    Where can I create new roles?

    Users can create new roles by clicking Edit and navigating to Campaign Roles. 

    How many disposition codes can I set up?

    Users can add as many disposition codes as required and receive a notification when adding a duplicate code

    Can I edit the campaign data after starting the campaign?

    No. When a campaign starts, the data is available on a read-only basis.

    How can I access Moitele Callbar?

    Moitele Callbar is accessible by clicking a phone number on the uploaded Excel sheet in Campaign Data. 

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