CRM in itself is a powerful tool used by many businesses looking to grow their businesses. Moitele offers users an extra kick to the CRM with contact center software built to improve how businesses collect, manage and communicate with leads and their customers. 


Offer specialized customer support 

The ability to make a call directly from the CRM allows users to reach customers depending on the urgency level. CRM databases offer options to organize and code different types of customers and leads. When paired with Moitele’s contact center software integration, customers can receive personalized support based on their query and level of urgency.


Organize and manage leads effectively

Leads can be managed and labels can be created within the CRM to allow agents to have effective follow-ups with leads. The journey from a prospect to a paying customer requires strategic effort and a level of organization from the business. With the Moitele CRM extension, following up with leads is made efficient thanks to centralized access to call logs and recordings. 


Improve customer experience

Built by the smartest developers and UX designers, the CRM contact center allows users to make premium quality calls with the best MOS score in the industry, at 4.3. Additionally, the application allows for customization to best fit the business and its customer needs. 

Quality calls, recordings, and lack of call dropping are a few of the many features that help improve customer experience. Businesses can now provide support with quality support powered through quality voice. 


Increase the rate of customer retention

The above factors build towards one key factor: Increasing customer retention. Returning customers is profitable to a company in comparison to acquiring new customers and improving customer experience creates an environment to which the customer would want to return to. 

Quality support and a business’s ability to reach customers efficiently is an important factor that affects returning customers. 

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