The new and updated customer portal is brought to users by the smartest developers at Moitele. The updates are built to give users an improved user experience and added features in campaigns and IP whitelisting. 


Tools accessibility

The accessibility and navigation across different sections of the portal have been improved to provide a seamless user experience. Users can now use each section complimentary with different sections of the portal.

All the tools are available in the left panel of the portal. Each section is organized based on priority of the user’s actions from making a call to generating reports and managing billing. Users can start from the basic call logs and work through the sections to access more complex tools such as IP whitelisting and two-factor authentication. 


The new and intuitive campaigns 

Campaigns now allow users to upload excel sheets in XLS format into the campaign data. To simplify and clarify the campaign status, users can start campaigns and when the campaign reaches the end, the campaign automatically ends.

Additionally, the read only function on active campaigns makes it easier to differentiate between active campaigns and campaigns yet to begin. Quick view gives users an overview of the campaign data such as the team assigned, daily target, daily budget and leads collected.

Disposition codes allow agents to select relevant code for the calls made. Campaign data provides different viewing options to customize the data according to business needs. 


Softphone whitelisting

Internet Protocol (IP) restriction has been updated to now offer restriction to the softphone access. Admin accounts can now extend the IP restriction to the softphone users, to add an extra layer of protection for the portal and softphone. 

A business is an alive being that keeps changing and that includes new employees and employees leaving. IP restriction allows to manage active employees making calls to avoid confusion. IP restriction can be triggered from the customer portal and the settings are updated immediately on the softphone. 


Improved logic in role based access 

The updates across the sections in the customer portal can be seen in the role based access when logging in to the Moitele customer portal. The agent access offers a specific view on campaigns that eradicates any confusion for the employees. 

Agents can view the campaigns after the admin presses start on the campaign. Team members added to a campaign will have similar access to the campaigns as the agent account. 

The updates are now live on and you can join Moitele in few simple steps by registering your business at Follow @moitele on your favorite social media channel for recent updates. 

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