The new and updated campaigns section within the Moitele user portal brings updates that simplify your campaign season to a point where you can create a campaign and let the portal handle the rest. 

In this blog post, we will introduce you to five big changes in campaigns that are guaranteed to create a smooth journey of prospects becoming a lead.

Campaign data 

Campaign data is where users can add existing files in XLS or CSV format or use the template sample to add crucial data. The numbers in the data sheet can be dialed instantly by clicking on them. The campaigns data section is paired with a call bar consisting of Moitele’s favorite softphone functionality but in a compact and minimalistic design that takes up little to no space. 

Read Only: Keeping active campaigns simple

Once a campaign has begun, the data is “read-only” eliminating any confusion with larger teams or the ability to change crucial data that has been agreed upon. The agents can still access the data and create notes and add codes on leads.

Role management 

New roles can be created and provided access based on the hierarchy level and employee clearance. Assign what the user can do within the portal to simplify the duties of employees. Roles can be created within the campaigns and are available across the portal.

Disposition codes

Disposition codes simplify campaigns further by allowing you to assign specific codes for specific roles. The best part is that the user gets to define the codes and how each lead is classified internally. Codes can be simple as busy, answered, or failed to codes with numbers that help the team understand a specific lead better. 

Improved logic

Each update aims to improve the logic of actions within the portal and in campaigns users now will be given alerts when a step is performed inaccurately. Users will not be able to move to a new section without providing the required details for a successful campaign. 

These rules are built to offer users a wholesome experience when using campaigns and to simplify the error that may occur with new employees. Users will be unable to move to certain sections of the campaigns without completing important steps to clarify the campaign. 

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