Each softphone solution from Moitele is built for companies of all shapes and sizes. Moitele’s softphone solutions have been designed and curated to adhere to specialized business needs and market needs. Moitele softphone solutions are suitable for:

  • SME’s
  • B2B lead generation companies
  • BPO & KPOs
  • Logistics companies
  • Startups
  • Big & small teams
  • IT/ITES companies
  • Virtual companies
  • Contact centers
  • Marketing Companies

Confused about what softphone solution to choose? It is okay, it can be intimidating to choose and navigate a new system. We are here to help you and guide you on how to choose a Moitele solution for your business. 

All Moitele softphone solutions are available at no additional cost for Moitele users but choosing the best softphone for your business helps utilize Moitele tools to the fullest. 


Browser softphone for the efficient 

Certain businesses need to engage with a multitude of leads within a short period of time and navigating from one application to another can be taxing. The simplicity of the browser softphone requires your employees to have access to a stable internet connection and a browser. 

Users just need to log on to Moitele’s customer portal, access the apps, and click on the browser softphone that directs the user to a new window with the softphone ready for use. All that is left now is to enter agent credentials onto the softphone and begin calling. Be efficient and stay efficient with our browser softphones. 


CRM widget for the engager 

Teams and team leads alike who interact with new leads on a daily basis require an additional system to sort, manage and follow up on leads. Often such teams rely on a third-party CRM provider that helps manage leads and follow up on the customer’s life cycle. 

Moitele’s calling widget for CRM, makes it easy to call new leads and existing customers alike with one click and directly from within the CRM. Call logs and recordings are synchronized within the CRM and no additional tools are required. 

Start engaging efficiently with your clients directly from your CRM by choosing Moitele’s softphone widget for CRM.


Moitele Callbar for the minimalists

One of Moitele’s tasteful softphones is the Moitele Callbar. The softphone is for the minimalist and busy bees that need their calling widget to take up less space and allow maximum functionality for other elements on the screen. 

Moitele’s call bar is a functionality-packed bar, the same size as your average taskbar if not even smaller. Users can make calls, look up numbers, and record, transfer, and add calls. Currently, Moitele’s Callbar is offered as a softphone for campaigns but users can decide how they want to use it. Users can use it alongside Moitele campaigns or choose to integrate it into their existing system. 

Flexibility is key here at Moitele. We like to iterate our offerings to give our users the best and allow businesses to test and decide what is best suitable for their products/services.


Click-to-call for everyone 

Click-to-call is one of the original tools from Moitele that can be used by any and every business. All a user needs is a functioning browser and a Moitele user account. Numbers across web pages become clickable and when clicked a call is triggered on Moitele’s softphone. 

Users can add this feature as an extension to their browser. The feature is extremely helpful when businesses are looking up numbers to contact fellow businesses or specific people within businesses. 

Regardless of what softphone solution users decide on, all users receive Moitele’s premium support at no additional cost. Our support is available to all users via support ticket, chat, email, and phone. 

Still confused, what softphone solution is best suitable for your business? Contact team Moitele and we can give you a demo and help you decide which softphone will take your business to the next level in 2023. 

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