EasyQA is an efficiency enhancement tool introduced by Moitele talented developers to improve employee performance and customer engagement. EasyQA currently provides voice pitch analysis and call transcriptions.

The newest upcoming feature takes calling to a different level by providing color codes for numbers.


What are the color codes?

The color codes were developed to offer an additional layer of call connectivity understanding to the user. The colors indicate the likelihood of calls using the colors Red, Orange, and Green. The codes allow businesses to streamline connecting with leads by limiting the time spent on dialing non-responsive numbers. 

Businesses can smoothly navigate through call directories based on the color codes and increase employee efficiency. Team members can receive information on numbers simply based on the colors and avoid duplication of efforts. 


How do color codes work?

The color codes are displayed when a number is pasted to the text area of Moitele’s softphone. The softphone functions on the backend to manage the phone directory and trigger accurate probabilities of call connectivity. 

The colors are in a universal range of Red, Orange, and Green to signify the probability of a call triggered on the softphone. This feature works at high speed and immediately notifies the user by changing the number pasted to one of the colors. 

Additionally, the colors are also notified on the dialing page using a probability meter. The meter has colors to help onboard new employees and simplify the functionality.


How to start using the features within the softphone?

Our customers get full access to all of Moitele’s softphone solutions. Once registered as a customer, you can top up your account for your team from the customer portal and start using Moitele’s softphones right away. 

To start the registration process, please visit https://app.moitele.com/register

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