The agent module in the customer portal opens doors to multiple functionalities that help improve employee efficiency and team management. This module works in synch with the other sections of the portal creating the ultimate lead generation hub every business needs and wants. 

Today, come take a stroll with Moitele as we enlighten and reintroduce your business to the agent module of Moitele’s customer portal. 


The smooth way to manage agents

Before this module was created, the development team pondered long and hard on how to simplify the process where a business needs to manage a large number of agents. The management should be simple, easy to learn, and quick to affect changes on the live application. 

The process leads to creating a simple yet effective toggle button that can activate and inactivate agents on command. The activation toggle feature reduced the time it took for a team lead to keep, remove or add a new agent. 


Data exports with one click

Introducing transparency is one of the main facets of Moitele. A business that has access to all its crucial data, can learn from the progress and apply it to growth. Additionally, having data allows for understanding the what and why of errors made. 

Data within each section of the customer portal is built for export in different formats depending on the material. The agent’s section works in tandem with the reports section allowing an admin to export employee analytics, agent analytics, and agent records directly into their system. 


One section to make crucial changes

Opening the agent’s section gives the viewer a bird’s eye view of all agents within the organization and brief insights into data such as username, IP, password, and caller ID. Additionally, the eye icon and copy option allow users to quickly copy or view the password to log in to the softphone. 

The small features such as a quick view of the password save the user the trouble of opening an agent’s profile and manually fetching the password. One other such feature is the ability to activate and inactivate agents on command using the toggle option.

Under actions, the user can update the username, and password, generate a secure password, update the caller ID and create a name for that specific caller ID. The filter menu negates the need to scroll down multiple agents to find what you’re looking for. Simply search the name of the agent and execute the action as needed.

Currently, Moitele offers different modules within the customer portal at no additional cost. Your business will also receive premium support that is included in the package. Want to learn more? Drop us a message and we will get back to you with a quote. 

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