There are different layers of communication within a business and choosing the communication method that best suits your needs is key. B2B communications run a different course compared to their counterpart B2C. B2B communication requires understanding and collaborating with the clients to find a communication method that works for both parties.

In B2B communication, follow-ups are essential to strategize and meet the needs of the client. Here comes the part where a business is often at crossroads: what communication method yields the best results?

There is no right answer but there are certain tools that help communicate effectively. This is the part where Moitele solutions come to your rescue. 


What are softphones?

Softphones rely on the internet to make calls using the software. Softphones negate the need for any type of hardware other than a proper network connection. Softphones are extremely versatile as software and can be installed in different devices and operating systems that support the software.

As software, softphones can also be integrated into other office management systems such as CRM to smoothly execute calls from an existing directory. 


What are the requirements for softphones? 

The requirements for a softphone are a reliable and stable internet connection, a device that supports the softphone, and a telephony service provider like yours truly. 


Softphones and B2B businesses

In a B2B interaction, setting up meetings and following up on actions is important. Softphones enable effective communication by enabling users to make calls instantly and not rely on hardware.

Miscommunication is a deterrent to B2B businesses and Moitele softphones are provided alongside a customer portal that logs different actions triggered in the softphone. The customer portal collects call logs, data entries, and call recordings, and the ability to generate crucial charts to keep track of an account for efficient follow-up routines.

Softphones provide multiple opportunities for integrations so businesses can use the software across key platforms such as ERP, CRM, and much more. 


Moitele’s softphone solutions

At Moitele, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and keeping that in mind our development team has created multiple softphone solutions for businesses. 

  • We provide state-of-the-art browser softphones; an industry favorite. 
  • A Callbar dialer with a softphone functionality utilizing the dimensions of a taskbar 
  • CRM widget softphone that easily integrates into an existing CRM
  • Click-to-call browser extension
  • Moitele softphone windows application

If none of the aforementioned solutions suit your needs, our team can negotiate and create a solution that best fits your business’s needs. Drop us a message using the contact box below and let us improve your B2B communication.

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