It goes a long way without saying our softphones enable businesses to take control of their communication and grow globally. The blog post today will cover the latest updates made on our softphones. Version 1.9.7 brings familiar functionality with an added punch to enhance the flow of communication within different departments of your business. 


Color codes: The efficient way to understand your directory 

Color codes are a new feature that works on the background and triggers colors on the numbers to educate the user on the likelihood of call success. The colors red, orange, and green work similarly to the principles of traffic lights. 

  1. The red-colored number on the softphone indicates a call that goes unanswered or a number out of use.
  2. The orange colored number indicates a moderate chance of a successful call 
  3. Green colored number indicates a higher chance of a successful call


IP Whitelist notification: Live updates

Moitele user portal allows users to restrict some IP addresses while allowing others to access the portal. This feature is now extended to the softphone to limit IP addresses depending on teams and their availability.

When an admin restricts an IP address, the user from that IP receives a notification immediately that the softphone is not accessible and logged out of the softphone. 

IP restriction can be updated and managed depending on business requirements, but using it guarantees an additional layer of protection. When paired with Moitele’s two-factor authentication, businesses can achieve complete security while using Moitele’s services. 


Why choose our softphone solutions over a multitude of softphone solutions?

Here at Moitele, we keep things simple and meet our customers where they need us most; finding an ideal B2B lead generation solution. 

Our team will sit down with your business however long it takes to help find you the solution you need for your business. Here are some key points where Moitele meets the competitors in cloud communications.

  • Smooth onboarding with a dynamic user interface 
  • Premium support and CRM integration at no additional costs
  • Multichannel support via email, chat, and support ticket
  • Real-time call tracking with dashboard analytics for quick data view
  • Team management tools with role-based access
  • Minimal IT knowledge required with express account set-up

Start using Moitele today by dropping us a message below, and our B2B customer expert will contact you shortly. 

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