EasyQA has been built to offer users a simple yet effective way to analyze calls and use them for training purposes and quality assurance. One of the latest tools within EasyQA is the ability to have automated call transcriptions.

What are Call Transcriptions?

Call transcriptions write out the conversation within the call into a textual record for easy comprehension and quick analysis.  

Why use Call Transcriptions? 

There are many benefits to using call transcriptions such as reducing error, data accessibility, and compliance errors, improving employee performance, ease in onboarding new employees, and improving customer experience. 

Here at Moitele, every call over a minute creates a transcript of the call that can be downloaded and used as required.

Reducing error

Errors are common when there is a high number of agents and clients on a call. These errors are hard to completely erase, but with call transcriptions, errors are pinpointed to help agents execute successful calls. 

Transcriptions allow businesses to observe and see if there is a pattern between failed and successful calls allowing a chance to replicate successful calls in the future.

Data Accessibility

Data is crucial for any business and call transcriptions offer insight into the functionality of different departments and their customers. Every business has a strategy they adhere to and when it is time to iterate or find new ways to grow the business, transcriptions offer insight into the needs of both the consumer and employees.

To pivot at times is to find new ways how a company can expand, Transcripts help understand what a customer needs, what frustrates them and how the product/service can be improved to meet the market needs. 

Employee performance 

There are numerous yardsticks to measure an employee’s performance and call transcriptions are one of them. Call transcriptions allow for constructive feedback and insights on how an employee can live up to their full potential. 

Observing an employee’s interactions helps the manager understand at what stages the employee requires assistance or further training. 


Ease in onboarding 

Onboarding is part of every new employee’s journey and this first stage can be simplified further by offering the new employee a concrete example of a successful call. 

Every call is a unique interaction and some rare cases can only be explained using concrete guides such as a call transcription. Additionally, call transcriptions are an excellent guide to help new employees navigate calls with difficult customers. 


Improve customer experience

A lot can be learned from a call with a customer. Especially their satisfaction levels, frustration, their needs, and wants. Call transcripts shed a well-needed light on these matters and when it is in a textual format, it is easier to collect the data. 

The data can be further analyzed to provide key insights on what’s lacking, and what can be improved to provide the customer with a better experience when using the businesses’ product/service. 

An important point to note is the compliance agreements of different countries because in some countries it can be banned to record calls and collect call transcriptions. In some cases, the data can only be used for specific purposes and stored for a limited period. Please note the country-specific limitations on the data before using EasyQA. 

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