Customers have always been to count on Moitele to create tools that meet both the customer’s and the market’s needs. The customer portal is designed to be as adaptable as the software development team at Moitele. Adaptability in providing solutions for B2B communications makes Moitele a user favorite.

Stay tuned for today’s blog post and learn more about what tools businesses prefer the most here at Moitele. 


Zoho widget 

A brand new widget that expands services to businesses using Zoho CRM or any Zoho tool that allows cloud telephony. The widget within Zoho CRM just had a new update, further cementing the need for Moitele to keep updating to offer users the best.

The beauty of the widget is that it allows users to click numbers from the contact info and initiate calls in the widget. The call logs and recordings can be found on the “Calls” page. The user interface works seamlessly alongside Zoho CRM and the application can be hidden when not in use, it will activate when a number is clicked.


Admin management 

The customer portal is built to be simple but the platform offers different types of settings and tools to personalize the portal further. The admin of the account can play with different functionalities within the portal and if any new tools are required, the team at Moitele checks what they can do.

Simple billing, accessing data, creating new agent accounts for employees, monitoring live calls and so much more are accessible with the business admin account. When new accounts are created, Moitele offers a comprehensive demo that takes you through the key elements of the admin account. Come on, join us already!


Browser softphone 

Imagine a softphone so adaptive that all one needs to start making phone calls is an internet connection, a computer, and well, a browser. Calls can be made within a minute and call history offers a summary of the calls made and their status.

The fun element of the browser softphone is that it allows users to use keyboard shortcuts and minimize mouse clicks. The mouse can still be used but shortcuts offer quick response-ability to answer, decline, redial and end calls.

The browser softphone is compatible with all major browsers and the softphone is also available as a desktop app. 


DNC and Blacklisting 

Sales departments and marketing teams make multiple calls to prospects and existing customers that it is hard to keep manual tabs on what number to call and to avoid, Do Not Call and Blacklisting features are inbuilt and can prevent calls to certain numbers and destinations.

DNC and Blacklisting is a great compliance tools and highly recommended to be used when the business outreach grows. It is easy to add numbers to the database and a checkbox option allows for choosing active destinations.

The above features and tools only scrape the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Moitele. Curious to know about our other customer favorites? Let us hop on a call and give you a demo. Please use the contact box below to contact us. 

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