Customer retention is the ability of a business to retain customers over a long period through strategic maneuvers such as providing value in customer interactions and loyalty programs. Taking a pause, one would notice that they are naturally part of many loyalty programs or keep turning to the same provider. 

For a business, keeping existing customers happy and satisfied is profitable and provides sustainable growth. For customers, using a service they trust and have a good experience with, makes them want to use the product/service consistently. 

Built with cloud technology, Moitele’s platform can be used to improve customer retention within your company. 


Building trust and nurturing customer relationships

Trust is key when a customer returns to a business and it is built by providing quality services that can be measured. Trust at times is a word thrown around casually but building trust requires tools to smoothly connect with customers and with Moitele you can improve your customer retention rate.

Moitele’s softphones allow businesses to respond and reach customers smoothly. When a customer feels heard and that their problem is met with a resolution, it makes their purchasing process easy. Connect with your customers, create follow-ups and stay alert to the teams in the company using Moitele’s customer portal. 


Proactive and Reactive customer service

When it comes to proactive and reactive reactions, one isn’t better than the other. Both need to be utilized in harmony when responding to a customer. Proactive customer service is about anticipating a customer’s needs and eliminating issues that can cause the customer problems. Learning more about customers from them, and collecting customer feedback are a few proactive methods. 

Circumstances in customer service are not always predictable. To some extent, with research there is predictability but a customer at times needs a reactive agent who can think fast and remedy the customer’s issues. A reactive approach to customer service focuses on solving the problem and helping the customer get back on track. Issues with a serious note, often require an immediate response so the business does not lose a customer. 

Moitele provides businesses with an insightful portal that can assimilate to the needs at hand be it proactive customer support or reactive. The data management features highly support proactive support while the click-to-call allows reactive agents to attend to their customers instantly. 

Those are simply small features of a larger customer portal that supports different kinds of customer service interactions. 


Multi-Channel accessibility 

There are a myriad of ways by which customers can reach a business: chat, support ticket, email, or call. Moitele provides applications for every need so customers can easily contact the support team and the agents can quickly access the customer. 

The applications are designed to handle an overwhelming number of customers but paired with other tools from Moitele, this will be a positive circumstance.

Additionally, Moitele’s applications allow your team to reach customers anywhere and anytime. The browser application is highly recommended by our long-term customers for remote work. 

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