The tools within the user portal are built to offer users clarity with data, employees, and the business. Each section within the customer portal is built to complement another section and when used in unison it offers a clean and organized platform to run your business operations.  


Create, assign and manage teams

Did you know? Each section within teams in the customer portal allows users to create roles, teams, and team members simultaneously. This minimizes the effort to navigate to each section and create teams, members, and roles separately. 

Additionally, by assigning specific agents to teams, there is clarity on who does what and data collection is simplified. This feature has been created to negate duplication in data collection processes.

Define roles and assign access to the required areas within the user portal

Creating new roles offers users a chance to select what employee has access to what sections of the customer portal. This allows for example agents to have access to calls and call history, marketing members access to campaigns and billing, and quality analysts access to downloads and call recordings. 

Repurposing IP restriction

IP restriction provides an additional layer of security to Moitele user accounts by restricting certain IP addresses. IP restriction can also be used to activate and inactivate IPS that are out of the office so managers are aware of the active employees at the office. 

IP restriction can minimize the effort it takes to pass a message across a pipeline of people. When a department head sees that certain employee IP access is inactive alongside a note “out of office”, it is understood that the said employee is away. 


Role-based login

The first thing a user views when navigating to are the three options users have to log in: Agent, Admin, and Teams. The separate logins are built to refute any confusion. Every employee has clarity on what login section is theirs and can carry out their tasks accordingly. 


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