The customer portal from Moitele is built to be an umbrella for a company’s internal and external operations. From features like data management to contact center solutions, the customer portal forms the living beating heart of your operations that pumps and pulls data from and to all crucial organs in your organization. 

1. Data management in each section 

Data and information across each section come with the option to download in CSV, excel, and audio format. Additionally, the latest data advancement is the ability to view calls live in action and also access call transcriptions. 

In the current business trends, data is the leading tool that lays the foundation to build a strategic business where all actions are thought out properly. 

2. Role-based access and transparency

Each employee can be assigned access to the customer portal to avoid confusion on tasks and which department handles what action. Team management is an excellent feature within the customer portal that allows administrators to organize the department with data transparency. 

Marketing, sales, and accounting teams can easily be assigned sections and data within the customer portal relevant to their departments. Additionally, if a project requires the awareness of multiple departments, that can also be arranged in the portal. 

 3. Contact center for every kind of business: Big, medium, and small

The User portal is the access point for all the contact center applications. Moitele softphone, Moitele Callbar, and Moitele desktop applications. All applications have a dedicated support team behind them to guarantee that in case any issue arises it will be resolved as soon as possible.

All the data from the calls can be seamlessly accessed and shared within the organization. Agents can be activated and inactivated as per the business needs and seasons where more salespersons are required to be active.

4. Compliance and data security

The user portal offers IP restriction and two-factor authentication keeps crucial data and information secure and limited to the eyes of the employees with access. IP restriction is an additional step that allows for an extra layer of security limited to a unique IP address.

 DNC (do not call) and blacklists provide security to the agents and the sales team from calling persons who do not wish to be called or from calling inactive numbers that take up a new agent’s time. 

5. Quality customer support 

With easy access to customer support, the user portal guarantees that issues will be resolved immediately to not hinder business operations in any manner. Users can contact Moitele’s support agents via a support ticket, instant chat, or schedule a call with the team for bigger issues. 

The user portal is built to offer businesses the best solution to grow and expand globally with minimal infrastructure. Businesses only need a strong network connection and a computer to smoothly execute actions. 

Moitele customer portal is recommended for businesses of all sizes and SMEs can make the best out of Moitele, as users receive an array of features and applications under one provider. 

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