Most users of Moitele and individuals in the VoIP sphere understand the importance of quality when it comes to voice. When making calls over the internet it is extremely important to have a clear voice, with low latency and no jitters or packet loss. Wondering what those phrases mean? No worries, you can learn about it quickly below. 

Low latency is the little to no delay for voice to reach from point A to B and when all the data reaches successfully without missing any data there is no packet loss. No jitters occur if the data packages are delivered at the correct time and not at random periods.  

Discovering Moitele’s Easy QA

EasyQA is one of many advanced tools provided by MOitele to take quality analysis to the next level. EasyQAstands for “Easy Quality Analysis” and that is exactly what the feature provides.

It allows users to listen, save and access recordings made on the softphone over the internet, analyze the voice pitch in the recording, and the newest addition to this feature: call transcriptions


Impactful interactions with EasyQA

The obvious practicality of EasyQA is the layer of safety it provides for compliance purposes keeping the business from being complicit in certain situations where there is miscommunication or when the proof is required. 

The beauty of EasyQA goes beyond legal compliances. It offers businesses the ability to easily train agents and employees, without replicating a customer interaction from scratch. Multiple errors during a call can be noted and it also helps quality control from Moitele’s end to mitigate call issues. 


Improving customer retention rate

It is a big leap from EasyQA simplifying training to improving customer retention rate but that is the long-term goal of using EasyQA, that it contributes to building loyalty among existing customers. 

Provides improved customer satisfaction that goes beyond simply “satisfactory” by understanding how to improve the customer experience. EasyQA also is a great tool to start using to get customer feedback via personal calls/interviews. The long term benefits of EasyQA help improve the customer’s experience and the ROI on the business end.

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