The phrase that got you hooked was “reduce lead nurturing time”. Voice process powered lead generation efforts have one key element: the personal touch that can be conveyed to a prospect. Each passing year lead generation efforts become more mechanical and automated.

Chatbots are very crucial to collecting important information on your lead such as email, request, issue etc. and can target a lot of prospects but a voice call is still an excellent way to convert your lead to a sales opportunity.

In this post we will cover how voice processes can help you be time-efficient when it comes to lead nurturing.

Inbound calls and lead nurturing

When you contact that potential lead through a call, you get the chance to listen to your lead’s needs. Listening is crucial when using voice processes for lead nurturing. The more you listen, the more you will understand your lead’s needs and if your business has something to offer.

Reacting to your prospect

Sure, emails are an excellent way to contact a lead. You can target specific content for the reader and have more control. When you call your prospects, you can efficiently react on what they need in comparison to email where the chance of a lead going cold is extremely likely. Voice calls allow your businesses’ sales team to stay on top of their engagement efforts. 

Understanding the range of prospects and communicating style

You can close deals and lock prospects in efficiently when you have an understanding of your target group and their buying pattern. Voice processes often come with call-recordings that are an excellent way to to understand your leads and train your team to be efficient.


How can you use Moitele to reduce lead nurturing time?

We at Moitele offer users an array of tools and each one comes packed with the best of UX and UI, so you don’t have to waste precious time on waiting for something to load. Our team constantly tests our services and tools so user satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here are some tools you do not want to miss out on:


The CRM widget

Easily integrate the CRM widget into your database and save time on reaching out to prospects. Initiate voice calls within seconds, directly from your CRM database. Our team uses the CRM widget on a daily basis and it has helped reduce our lead nurturing process by 10%. Engage efficiently, follow-up and give your prospects the attention required to qualify them as a lead.


Campaign creation

You can create voice campaigns via Moitele’s customer portal to reach out and strategically target prospects. Campaigns are another excellent way to understand your prospects and collect leads to start the lead qualification process. Our platform allows you to create a campaign, assign respective teams, enter duration, set targets and multiple other options.


The ultimate softphone

Our cloud powered softphone places the power in YOUR hands. Your sales team can easily navigate through different functions such as : call recording, call-transfers, conferencing and engines that automatically adjust according to your browser needs. Additionally, you can monitor the call quality and our team is always present in case you need any help. 


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