Data is a crucial part of businesses. It forms the integral structure of your business and helps you understand what is happening, how it is happening and what departments are responsible for various business operations.

More often than not, companies and employees blindly generate and gather data without proper knowledge of what they are collecting. How can this be mitigated? 


The dance of data………

Here at Moitele, our team and our services take that extra mile to simplify your businesses data collection process by offering the solution through cloud telephony. We would like to tell you more about our services and how we are part of this dance called data but before any of that we would like to simplify and explain what data management means for your company.


Data silos and organizations

Let’s clear our heads and picture a field with different structures for farming. You have your fertilizers, farm animals, silos, farmers, fields steady for harvest and so on. This structure is simple yet requires some planning or structure to ensure the farm yields results.

The same principle applies for your organization. There are different departments performing different actions with the common goal- delivering your services and products to the end-user. In the analogy of farming this would refer to the customer buying the vegetables, dairy products etc.  


Collapse of the silo

Clear your head again and think about a scenario that takes place if the grains in the silos are not accounted for. Lack of understanding what grains are stored in different silos may lead to planting the same grain repeatedly. Silos in business refer to departments that form unilaterally and fail to maintain the connection between the departments. Often these departments become too self-sufficient leading to an overall collapse of organizational structure. Come take a walk with us deeper into the silos within your business and let us navigate through data silos and data management.



Case study: How Protocol Leads minimized duplication of data management efforts


A recent case study was performed on one of Moitele’s clients to understand how the client benefited from cloud telephony. The service in particular was the team management feature provided within Moitele’s user portal.

Our client from Protocol Leads was extremely surprised and satisfied that team management allowed his sales team to minimize duplication of efforts with data collection. A smooth data collection process within different departments and role based access allowed the sales team to communicate on what data was being collected. The answer is quite the simple one most often than not- the answer is always communication.



Become Moitele’s partner in success and say hello smooth communication


When your business suffers from the inevitable formation of data silos it may initially seem like a load of work to reconstruct the data management structure. Reconstruction of your data collection process can be initiated with a simple move such as introducing a common communication tool. Many companies switch to cloud telephony at this stage because of its versatile nature and innovative pace with the internet. 

Here is a brief visualization to capture how different departments exist within the umbrella of your organization and how smooth data distribution can be attained.

Yes, we like to illustrate our ideas, you can view more illustrations on our website.


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