Before our team shares some excellent news, let’s take a short detour and explore how integrating CRM with cloud telephony is beneficial for businesses.  

Cloud telephony is all about simplifying the lead nurturing process. Much effort is made to convert that one lead to a client. Effort and money is spent on campaigns and promotions to attract that lead; what’s next? The strategic process of attracting a lead requires a thorough follow-up.

Businesses can improve their customer life cycle by implementing cloud calling solutions with your customer base. Contact your prospects efficiently, save time on your agents end by allowing them to smoothly make calls, increase the satisfaction level of your customers and overall impact how your business interacts with customers.


So, what value does CRM- Cloud telephony integration bring you? 

We understand that numbered benefits are the classic hallmarks of any article you may come across the internet. We would like to slightly challenge that and share what value integrating CRM with cloud telephony can offer YOU. 

In your lead generation process, it is important to measure what value different efforts bring. Often efforts are scattered among multiple platforms lacking coordination and structure. A well structured funnel collects your leads, filters out your potential customer and hopeful in the end the business receives a paying customer. 


Creating value on efforts spent

Maximizing value starts with using the tools within a business to full capacity. If a business lacks a direct link between sales and marketing, what are the results? Efforts are duplicated and lack of coordination leads to empty targets. Integrating cloud telephony with your CRM, bridges the gap between your customer base, sales team, support and marketing. Instantly initiate calls, saving time and resources. 


Creating value for your customer 

On the customer’s end assigning value to a product/service comes down to customer service. After the hardships of converting lead to customer comes another important factor; keeping your customers and keeping them satisfied. Inability to maintain efficiency and a well oiled customer satisfaction streak can cost a business its customers and reputation.

The simplicity of cloud telephony in your CRM creates an effective way to maintain customer relations and reduce gradual loss of your leads due to a broken sales funnel. Tools such as IVR, call recordings, call transfer, call conferencing in cloud telephony allows businesses to give their customers the ultimate user experience. 

Keep your customers happy, create value for the service they pay. After all, businesses can choose what value they create and offer their customers. 


Creating value for your employees

In creating value for their employees, businesses can grow sustainably and create an environment where employees can succeed. The features such as call recording benefit employees and contribute to their training process as well.                               

Integrating cloud telephony into CRM saves a lot of time for agents and offers insights into customer-agent behavior patterns. Assigning specific roles and responsibilities to departments within cloud calling improves employee productivity. 

A good business is capable of understanding the limitations and capabilities of human efforts. Having quality communication systems in place helps employees minimize actions that can be performed through automation. Most sales teams make a livelihood on commission and having a reliable system to contact leads benefits the entire team. 


The good news is that……….

We have always told our customers and readers that at Moitele our aim is to go beyond simply allowing businesses to make calls- businesses can improve operations and customer satisfaction with our cloud telephony services. 

We bring a beautifully crafted solution to tackle your communication needs and boost your CRM to the next level. Our team has created a CRM widget that allows you to smoothly make calls by simply clicking the call button.

The same softphone tools that you love with improved accessibility. The tool is now live and available to users. Follow us on our social platforms to stay updated.