Mindful Data Management Practices

Learning and improvement is achievable due to the power of gathering data and cataloging it. That is how humankind has been succeeding all these years; our capacity to be able to record and understand actions that have transpired in the past. This is very applicable for B2B business when targeting clients and succeeding in sales.


Avoiding IT silos by choosing the correct data management tool

The first step is understanding how to factor in data collection into the existing operational funnel. Often companies make the most common errors of collecting data in a silo-like structure. Different departments collect relevant data but neither department communicates on the data collected. A data silo often leads to duplication of efforts and can be a big blowback on employee productivity.

A successful and mindful practice would be to choose the correct platform to streamline the data collection process. The link between different departments should be clear and the data mining needs to be transparent with a correct flow of information within various departments. 


Mapping goals and collecting accurate data

Second step is mapping the speed and accuracy of the data collected.  Inaccurate data results in corrupt results  and leads to employees running in circles. No precise results often means the business is unable to achieve their target goals in sales and customer satisfaction.

A successful business has a plan and a strategy on what kind of data they wish to collect and what results they expect to achieve from the outcome. An example would be: Business X wants to find out why Product Y has not fared with customers. The follow-up would be creating a survey or research with correct questions to navigate towards the results that offer answers that help improve the product Y..


Targeted Methods and strategies

Lastly, businesses need targeted practices in place to succeed; targeted methods of data collection. Shooting arrows in the dark, has the chance of hitting the target but it might not be the target or goal the business aims to hit. 

Targeted efforts such as campaigns are a successful manner through which companies can strategize their efforts when it comes to data collections. There are many platforms that offer business these tools. When a business understands their goals and what they seek out of data collection, the results tend to be successful and favorable. 


How does cloud telephony play a role in data collection?

Cloud telephony bridges the communication gap between different departments and existing silos. Cloud telephony maximizes the productivity of employees when integrated with the company’s CRM system. The communication flow is smoother and the efforts in data management go hand in hand with team management.

Different members within the company can understand the efforts made by different departments and streamline the efforts made. Real time communication and data collection has been made possible thanks to cloud telephony. Small and medium sized companies benefit highly from this integration. At the beginning, a fresh business is finding the correct method to communicate and collect data; at this stage duplicated efforts are highly likely without correct systems in place.

Cloud telephony provides added value in addition to calling. The ability to collect data based on call activity through CRM integration, gives businesses an edge when competing. 


Is your businesses’ data collection stuck within multiple silos and struggling to streamline? Do you require a reliable and efficient way to succeed?


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