Good news for our readers and customers

Our team has excellent news just as we had informed in our short sneak peek last week. Cloud communications solutions from Moitele are now officially a certified service from Finland. In terms of quality and delivering the best, we now have an official stamp to show for it.

The week has been full of victories and surprises for Moitele, today we also celebrate the successful registration of the trademark Moitele. Moitele Team is extremely thrilled that we are now a registered trademark and a service from Finland.

The Key Flag

The Key Flag Symbol shows that a company and/or its services have been created in Finland. The mark is an assurance of quality and exits for consumer knowledge.

The Key Flag Logo Consumer Purchase Decisions And The Key Flag 

At Moitele, we want to offer the industry’s best standard cloud telephony and the key flag logo provides businesses reliable proof of the quality of our services. 

According to the Key Flag Brand Survey 2016 by the Frankly Partners, the key flag logo represents Finnish quality, contribution to employment, responsibility, reliability, uprightness, high quality, and doing good.

Take a peek at the bottom right corner………

Soon, our customers, followers and readers will observe this mark on all our services and products. In addition, when our brand expands into different offerings, this mark reminds us of our humble origins; the birthplace of Moitele.

The key flag symbol is visible on all well known Finnish brands and services. You can do a quick google search of Finnish brands and spot this logo on company website and services. It helps our partners, clients and other players in the industry understand where Moitele is from.

To everyone who made this possible,

Moitele has grown and expanded rapidly the past few years. At every step and growing year, our clients have stayed loyal, patient and have grown with us. We are very much looking forward to the future of Moitele.

A big thanks to our founders Kalyan Pasumarthy and Swathi Guggilam, their hobby turned to business and created the Moitele we know today.