Every business understands the importance of boosting operational efficiency but often lacks the strategy to execute it. An efficient business model generates more revenue for the company and its employees. 

Let us explore how contact centers can boost efficiency in the following blog post.


Measure the effectiveness

Quality analysis helps contact centers measure the effectiveness of the work done. Measuring agent performance helps a business improve customer experience resulting in quality leads. An agent’s effectiveness is measured by analyzing call recordings, call transcripts, and agent reports to understand how to improve pain points.

Building a call quality analysis platform takes minutes using Moitele’s customer portal. Moitele users can monitor and analyze agent performance with EasyQA, an analysis tool offered with the customer portal. 


Creating a plan and training agents

After collecting the necessary data and building a workable strategy, contact centers should offer training to their agents. Call transcripts and voice recordings set an example of successful customer interaction for other agents.

Agent training offers the agents a chance to take a step back, reflect, and workshop new methods to improve performance and boost efficiency. Contact centers can incentivize agents and introduce new customer interaction methods through agent training.   


Improving the customer experience

During agent training, contact centers can observe and understand where performance is lacking. The criteria for performance monitoring could be response time, average waiting time, effectiveness in response, etc. that define an ideal customer experience. 

A strategic effort can deliver quick and reliable support to the customer using the above metrics to measure performance. Moitele meets the need for quick and quality support by providing users with three unique calling applications: Browser softphone, CRM widget, and Chrome extension. The UI of these applications is built for different needs but runs on the same principle: to offer quick yet quality support to customers.

Providing agents with the correct tools

Optimizing agent performance requires a delicate balance between a good strategy and the right contact center platform. An outdated or wrong type of platform can drain agent performance. A business can choose the right platform by understanding the customers and the agents. 

Some platforms might be excellent for lead generation but fail at customer support. Moitele provides users with multiple contact center UIs so a business can narrow down the ideal solution. The correct contact center platform paired with a strong strategy enables the agents to deliver their best to boost contact center efficiency. 


Utilizing real-time tracking

Real-time data helps agents and supervisors navigate through calls and understand areas needing improvement. Real-time tracking of active calls, active agents, call duration, and destination helps the supervisor understand which agent is busy and provides real-time feedback. 

The active Calls feature from Moitele helps administrators view the live calls and filter the data easily. The data in active calls can be filtered using agent name, destination, and call status, and refreshed every 60 seconds to offer real-time information. 


Understand agent needs

Agents bridge the gap between the business and its customers, so a business needs to keep its agents happy. Positive feedback, constructive criticism, and efficient tools help businesses boost agent morale. 

Rewarding agents based on performance motivates the entire team to work efficiently. Individual meetings between agents and supervisors help both parties understand each other and communicate more effectively to achieve common goals. 

Moitele bridges the gap between agents and customers by providing an easy-to-onboard platform that requires minimal setup and an array of applications to choose from based on business needs.

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