Teamwork makes the dream work only with the right tools. Employees, managers, and the correct tools build teamwork. 

To simplify, a team can work smoothly and be its most efficient self with the correct aids. Moitele solutions such as browser softphones, campaign management modules, role-based access, and team management are a few sections that help businesses build an effective team. 


Browser softphone: the master key solution for a B2B lead generation business

Versatility and elasticity are the features that make our browser softphone solution a client favorite. Usually, when we onboard new clients, we have little to no struggle during user onboarding with our browser softphone. 

Adaptable with most browsers, your team members need valid agent credentials to access the softphone. The capability to access this softphone from any browser and any location of the world allows remote teams to connect and communicate freely.  


Campaign management module: the simple solution to complex tasks

Offering clarity to team members creates a smooth flow of information among the entire team. Campaigns allow team leaders and administrators to manage teams, assign roles and set disposition codes that simplify the data further. 

Assigning roles to team members creates an easy follow-up on employees and their prospects. Call disposition codes are a great example of how labeling calls using the internal language helps keep the whole team on the same page. 

Inefficient teams are caused by poor communication flow, often leading to errors, duplication of efforts, and other setbacks that could be easily avoided by communicating efficiently. 


Role-based access: one of the early features from Moitele 

Role-based access has been a customer favorite from day one by simplifying the team access into three clear sections: Agent, teams, and admin, with the ADMIN having full rights. The functionality of this feature is versatile, so an admin can decide and choose what the other roles can see and access.

Role-based customer portal access offers clarity to different departments of a business to share information relevant to each team. 


Teams: the section that compliments all the above modules

The teams section is where an administrator can build teams and assign team members. In the team management section, users can add new team members while assigning members teams and roles. 

The administrator can customize the roles and grant additional access to an employee that gets promoted within the company. 

Take charge of your business, its growth, and the efficiency of its team members by choosing a solution built for your needs. 

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