At Moitele, our goals are simple; we want to provide our customers with quality softphone solutions and support that mitigates issues smoothly to ensure that all our clients get the quality support they need by equipping them with the necessary tools. 

Here are some tips on providing your customers with the timely support they need using Moitele. 


Gaining insights on customers using data and analytics

Data and analytics shed light on areas that need improvement in employee-customer relationships. 

Different sections of the Moitele customer portal help businesses to draw insights using analytics on employee-customer interactions and the time it takes to mitigate a customer query can be drastically reduced by observing how long an agent spends with a specific customer. 

Agents can also add disposition codes that offer further insights and help improve customer support.


Reaching the customer faster

The time gap between a new customer issue and the support of an agent’s reaction is crucial. Moitele has created multiple softphone solutions to bridge the time gap between a customer query and an employee’s response. 

 Applications such as browser softphone, CRM calling widget and Moitele Callbar allow agents to quickly initiate calls and address the customer’s query. Speed is a factor with customer queries, because untimely support can lead to an unhappy customer and in the long run even result in losing customers. 


Reflect. Take notes, Simplify matters

We shall now take a very brief segue to announce that Moitele’s feature EasyQA is now trademarked across the EU. Now that the news is out of the way, we can circle back to the topic.

Reflecting on customer interactions allows businesses to be more proactive in their approach. EasyQA offers call transcriptions, voice analysis, and call recordings that help reflect on interactions between agent-customers, take notes on errors, and simplify customer support in the future. 

EasyQA is a powerful tool for businesses where the employees deal with a lot of customers on an everyday basis. When there is a surge of customers, businesses need to understand how support is being delivered so that support is time-conscious and effective. 

There is nothing team Moitele loves other than being able to help businesses meet their goals and keep their customers happy. Come join Moitele and we can discuss how our solutions can help your business. 

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