Disposition codes or call disposition codes allow an agent/employee to categorize the outcome of a call. Disposition codes help your team to track and manage the result of incoming and outgoing calls. 

Often disposition codes are pre-determined based on the relevance to business needs, and an agent need only choose the relevant tags for the call.  


What departments benefit from call disposition codes?

Call disposition codes benefit every department that interacts with customers and prospects. Support and sales departments can use disposition codes to inform the rest of the team of the conversation status; answered, follow-up required, failed, urgent, etc. 

Additionally, disposition codes give teams across all departments transparency and clarity on inbound/outbound calls.  


Breaking down disposition codes and data analysis

Using disposition codes to collect data over long periods allows your business to make relevant calls and modify the outcome of calls. Moitele disposition codes offer your team flexibility and options to create and manage disposition codes based on your customers. 

With Moitele, an agent can add multiple codes to describe the call and create appropriate follow-ups. Each code should be simple and easy to understand by different team members to avoid confusion. Codes can be categorized into different levels such as generic codes, codes for particular instances, and universal disposition codes; answered, unanswered and busy.

As the business grows, it can re-visit and redefine disposition codes to optimize its usage. When used effectively, disposition codes help your business save time by mitigating issues effectively. 


Why should your business use disposition codes?

Let us create an example of a medium-sized business with around 50 to 100 employees. Now let us suppose that each of these employees (or agents) deals with 50 customers within a day and works in teams of 5. The data flow between these teams could grow inefficient as the business grows, resulting in hard-to-manage data. Data will always get lost in interpretation, forgotten, or duplicated. 

Here call disposition codes are a simple yet less time-consuming method to log data and share it with different teams. The sales team can easily use codes to categorize the type of prospects to improve the lead qualification process. Meanwhile, the support team can tag the calls to prioritize which customer requires what kind of support and how soon. 

Disposition codes make it easier to optimize the call directory by filtering out inactive numbers and respecting compliance with the country of business operation. Call disposition codes help businesses save a lot of time by minimizing the time it takes an employee to log in to call details with teammates. 


How to use Moitele’s disposition codes?

An administrator account on Moitele’s customer portal has the right to create and manage disposition codes. In the campaigns section under campaign roles, users can create new disposition codes, and once the setup is complete, the agent can easily access and use the codes from the agent portal.

Some basic codes are available on the portal, but if an admin wishes to, they can create unique codes relevant to their business and team. 

You can watch a preview below to learn more about disposition codes from Moitele. 

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