Welcome to your guide on managing agents in the Moitele customer portal. The agent module is easy to use and helps manage day-to-day agent activities. Users can add new agents, update agent profiles, assign phone numbers, observe agent activity, and add agents to different teams. 

We will also briefly guide you on using the agent module as an agent. Agents are granted access to the customer portal based on their role, and agents can log in during work hours. 


Accessing and managing agent data and analytics 

Each section of the customer portal equips users with data and analytics available for download and assessment. Users can easily view calls made by agents and agent sources in the dashboard. Dashboard analytics in the customer portal offers data analytics in tabulated and graph formats. 

Dashboard analytics helps the administrator to have a quick look at agent activities. The graphs are also available for display via a public URL. The Public URL link is accessible without logging in and is helpful during team meetings. 

Users can access agent analytics and timesheets in the reports section. Agent analytics brief the admin on call analytics, and timesheets offer insights on agent working hours. Exportable data, including agent data in the customer portal, are available for downloads. Downloads are available in the downloads section. 


Monitoring and managing service quality

Agents working on the Moitele customer portal often interact directly with a customer. When working closely with customers, a business should maintain its quality standards. Users can easily monitor and manage service quality with our quality control tools.

Active Call monitoring gives the admin a view of all the incoming/outgoing calls in the organization. Admins can also filter out specific agents, call statuses, and destinations. Active call monitoring helps the organization understand if agents need further help and if calls are going through. The data refreshes every minute. 

EasyQA quality control tool in the Calls section lets users access call recordings, conduct voice pitch analysis and analyze call transcripts. EasyQA helps maintain customer support standards and effectively maintain complications. EasyQA can be used to monitor and improve agent performance.   


Managing agent accounts and teams

Agent management is simplified in the customer portal to accommodate the constant flux of new agents in a contact center. Users can add and edit new agents, easily activate/inactivate agent accounts, and assign phone numbers. 

DIDs can be purchased in under two minutes and assigned to agents with call forwarding conditions. Users can also run spam checks on numbers to improve call connectivity. 

Each agent account is given specific role-based access before being assigned to a new team. Team management lets users manage compliance by adding blocklists and setting active destinations for phone calls. Users can add new agent accounts to Teams, and the admin can add these Teams to campaigns.


Accessing the customer portal with agent account 

Agents can log in to the customer portal using the Agent login. An agent can log in with an assigned username and password. If agents forget the password, only an admin has the right to update/create a new password. 

By default, agents can access the softphone applications, calls section, downloads, and timesheets. Agents can log work hours by checking in/out on the portal. Agent work hours and relevant data are available in the profile under timesheets. An admin can choose what sections of the customer portal agents can access. 

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