Voice calling over the internet has opened doors for contact centers to streamline all communication. The benefits of cloud communication often outweigh the negatives, and the benefits exponentially grow with online security. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of online security for contact centers and how to secure your Moitele user account. 


Online security and VoIP

The internet age ables us to work from anywhere, run errands, and stay connected with our family and friends. In addition to its benefits, online platforms can be risky, especially for businesses. Contact centers handle information on their employees and clients, requiring them to maintain compliance and security. Leaked data landing in the wrong hands opens the contact center and its customers to different online threats.

Online security goes beyond securing your business. A business can risk its reputation without the proper tools to maintain online security. Consumers are aware of their rights and how to exercise them, and the business reputation will be in trouble if consumer data appears in a data leak.


How to maintain online security?

Every data breach is expensive for a business. Data breaches reduce trust, increase the risk of more cyber tracks, and leave companies vulnerable to information-related threats. A contact center handles customer data such as name, address, phone number, and payment information. 

With remote work rising, contact centers are even more susceptible to cyber-attacks. Contact centers can establish protocols to protect their data online and use tools to prevent cyber-attacks. 

Here are a few ways how contact centers can maintain online security:

  • Encourage employees to use Two-Factor Authentication to add a layer of protection at login limiting threats at the login level. 
  • Role-based access provides hierarchical access to different departments of the contact center.
  • Training agents and new employees on how to use tools such as VPNs to protect their online identity
  • Introducing employees with courses on cyber attacks, encryption, and safety online
  • Maintain compliance effectively and call monitoring. 
  • Contact centers must stay updated with the latest news and advancements in cyber security. The lack of the latest tools leaves a contact center or business open to threats.


How to secure your Moitele user account? 

Moitele values customer security, and our developers have created easy-to-use tools to ensure your online safety on our platform.

Here are a few steps to secure your Moitele user account:


Set-up IP restriction

Users can set up IP restrictions in under two minutes. Only IP addresses added to the IP restriction list can access the Moitele customer portal and Moitele softphone. 

Using IP restriction with 2FA (two-factor authentication) offers users an extra layer of protection.


Set-up 2FA

Enabling two-factor authentication adds two layers of online protection. When logging in, the user will enter a valid password and verify the custom link on their email account to log in to the customer portal.


Assign role-based login access

Moitele users receive three different login portals created for employees within the company: Agent, Admin, and Teams.

The role-based access limits certain sections of the customer portal to the admin account. Admin accounts can access customer and employee data. Admin can also restrict access to some modules of the customer portal depending on the employee’s role. 

We highly recommend all our users secure themselves online and when using the Moitele customer portal. Your online safety is of utmost priority to our team 💙

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