“Moitele’s latest softphone has been engineered to offer users a much smoother experience when connecting with customers”


Businesses benefit from a variety of features from Moitele, all under one umbrella, and one of these features is the backend software development team that is at work every day to improve and mitigate issues that may arise. 

The latest update from Moitele applies to the softphone, which now provides users with even smoother calls and also new features. 

Call quality analysis with EasyQA 

EasyQA from Moitele is a feature like none other that allows users to evaluate the quality of calls made through data visualization. EasyQA is easily accessible from the customer portal and monitoring call quality allows businesses to provide quality service to their clients. 

Using EasyQA is simple and no training is required given the purpose of this feature is built to ease the effort in call quality analysis. In addition to voice analysis, users also receive a feature that monitors active calls. 

Smooth. Efficient. Lightning speed premium calls

Speed is everything and the ability to act quickly allows employees to keep customers happy and interact with prospects requiring a new product/service. Unlike no previous update, the latest update brings speeds, calls are made instantly and data is available instantaneously on the customer portal.

Users do not need to wait or be impatient for a feature to load with Moitele’s features. In situations where difficulty does arise, the support team is less than a minute away from solving their needs. 

Quality Calls. Different platforms 

Softphones are constantly refined and updated to be able to offer users to make quality calls on different platforms such as CRM, browsers, campaigns, and applications. 

The new CRM widget allows users to make calls directly from popular CRMs. The Moitele Callbar will be a minimalistic tool with the latest current softphone features that can be integrated anywhere users wish. Lastly, users also have Moitele’s softphone as a desktop application, for users who want an application within their operating system. 

Quality in every feature

Each update and each new feature from Moitele focuses on meeting users’ market needs with quality. Each feature comes from the industry’s smartest developers and the support team monitors each feature in terms of functionality and quality to bring users the very best. 

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