Third-party integrations are a staple provided by many providers. to simplify the migration process to their software. If a business has been using certain marketing automation tools, for example, migration to a provider’s marketing automation tool will be a tardy process.

The team will have to collect the data, export it and learn to use a completely new tool, of which they know nothing. Third-party integration provides security and variety to businesses and saves a lot of time.

In this blog post, we will discuss their party integrations, what they are and how they can benefit your business.

How do integrations work?

Moitele will soon be releasing the Moitele Softphone CRM integration application on Zoho and this will open up the customer interaction possibilities even further for businesses. So how exactly does it work?

Customers can easily find Moitele Softphone on their most used CRM platform, download it, log in, and begin making quality calls.

From the developer’s end, the task of integrating a third-party application requires API integration. API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and API integration is a connection that allows systems to communicate with each other to provide users with their favorite integration.

The benefits of third-party applications

CRM systems now come fully equipped with all the tools a business needs for lead generation, marketing automation, project management, HR, and well the list goes on. While it is nice to have all the tools from the same provider, the question is if all the in-house applications can meet a business’s needs.

The grass is greener on the other side……..

Not always, but now and then a business may notice they are not satisfied with the in-house application or that it does not work for them. In such cases, their ideal application can be found in the hub of third-party integrations.

If there is an application used by the business before or one of the team members, they can start using that application to be more efficient with an application that works for them

SME friendly solution

Fresh businesses in the market might find it daunting to start using an array of different applications out of concern for cost and necessity. Many big CRM providers sell their services as bundles, and a small company may not require all the tools they pay for.

Smaller companies may need dialers, marketing automation, internal communication, a document drive, and a meeting tool. Third-party integrations simplify their needs and the business can choose the application it needs.

Scaling your business and meeting the needs of the market

The market keeps on fluctuating due to many external factors and technology does its best to keep up. Third-party applications place the power in the businesses’ hands to evaluate and choose the right application to conduct business activities.

Having the right application also determines a business’s ability to scale, grow and target new markets. Many applications are global but now and then a business might require a certain application most used at a geographic location. The flexibility and efficiency of having the ability to choose between an array of applications gives businesses the leeway to grow, develop and generate revenue.

Moitele, bringing you quality with simplicity

Very, very soon businesses can integrate Moitele’s softphone into their CRM. The integration will take communication and interaction with customers to the next level. High-quality calls can be made instantaneously from the CRM database and all the functionality from the browser softphone will be provided in this integration.

This integration is the first of many surprises and product development from Moitele. Stay tuned and follow Moitele on LinkedIn for fresh updates.

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