Starting a new business and managing a growing small-sized business is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of understanding of the market, its needs, different channels, and the most important aspect: getting new customers. 

Moitele was created to offer quality communication to enterprises of all sizes and mainly to SMEs that are willing to grow. In this blog post, receive a beginner’s guide on some lead generation concepts using the tools from Moitele.

The core element of connecting with leads

There are many ways through which a conversation can be struck with a prospect: emails, advertisements, social media posts, etc. consistent efforts in sales marketing when paired with cloud communication, give businesses a personal touch with their potential customers.

In the early stages of a new business, having a loyal and long-term customer base is very important. A new business requires a lot of capital to grow, invest in development, and eventually hire more employees. A strong client base can create more buzz in that target market and bring in new customers. 

Moitele’s various communication tools are built for all stages of a customer relationship. From the moment there is a prospect of a paying customer, each tool serves specific needs and the best part is that the user can customize the tools based on their needs.

Attract. Target. Nurture. Qualify

The process from interest to sale is simplified when a prospect can be instantly dialed and educated about the specifics of what service/product a business provides. 

Businesses will often start with some background activities to attract leads, this could be marketing efforts such as SEO, online content, ad campaigns, or promotions across online/physical events. When such an effort is provided with a data set of interested people, the next step is to educate and constantly nurture the relationship until it results in either a paying customer or an interested party who may need you at a later time. 

The minimal infrastructure required by Moitele’s tools leaves businesses with only one job left: communicating with and prospecting customers.

Go beyond calling. Go beyond existing methods to convey your message

The core of Moitele is offering quality voice calls but that is only a small part of the larger element users receive. The current data-rich platform provided by Moitele expands to different departments in the business, not just sales, and marketing.

A new fledgling business can use Moitele for an array of activities with quality and efficiency. Businesses can run campaigns, manage data, create team members, assign role-based logins and so much more. The umbrella of offerings covers all the tools required by a new business to be successful.

The Moitele team is dedicated to providing quality support and users can test it for themselves by dropping the team a message below to learn more about Moitele and take it out for a spin.

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