Moitele’s latest updates have been in the works for the course of the entire summer. In this blog post, learn about the newest updates with Moitele’s softphone and what to expect in the next few months.

The new softphone: Faster, Smarter and Intuitive

The main criteria for each new update rollout is to improve the user experience in terms of efficiency, logic and ease of usage. Moitele is built for users at different levels of experience with cloud communications. In addition, little to no infrastructure is required to set up Moitele’s softphone.

The new softphone offers users multifaceted ways to initiate calls depending on the network connection available, select the preferred service, server and engine. Users can make calls with an uptime of 99.9% and a MOS score of 4.3. 

To learn more about how Moitele measures voice quality, read the article here. 


Improved efficiency for businesses

Each update increases the efficiency allowing the business to achieve and map goals consistently. Calls can be made anywhere in the world at the same speed a user would make a local call. Lack of fancy equipment and infrastructure allow businesses to invest in growth and research. 

Smaller enterprises can easily expand globally with Moitele, thanks to the ability to dial anywhere in the world. Businesses with remote employees across the globe can use Moitele for internal communications. 


What’s next with Moitele’s CRM integration?

Moitele’s upcoming CRM integration will offer users a seamless experience, allowing them to make calls directly from the CRM database. This tool is excellent for lead generation, sales and marketing, and overall management lead communications. 

Once integrated, the user has access to all the same features of Moitele’s latest softphone and the CRM integration widget can be used based on the user’s needs.

Stay tuned for more How-to articles, videos and sneak peek into Moitele’s latest.

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