Managing a team effectively is fundamental for any leader or supervisor in today’s dynamic and collaborative work environments. Whether overseeing a small group or leading a large department, your ability to guide, motivate, and empower your team members can significantly impact your organisation’s success. This blog will explore how to manage your teams effectively in the Moitele user portal.

Create New Team Members

Creating a team or integrating new team members into an existing team is a crucial process that can significantly impact team dynamics and overall productivity.

In the Moitele user portal, users can form new teams and team members simultaneously using the team management interface. 

Build a Team and Assign Team Members

Creating a successful team is essential to attaining organisational objectives and promoting a positive work environment. Choosing and allocating team members demands a thoughtful and deliberate approach, whether you’re entrusted with building a new team from scratch or including individuals in an existing one.

In the Moitele User Portal, Each team member is given access based on their responsibilities that can be changed. Role-based access gives users specialised access privileges to various customer portal login portal areas. 

Configure Active Destination

Setting up and activating destinations in a telephony system is a crucial aspect of call management and routing. By configuring destinations effectively, you can ensure that calls are directed to the right place.

In the Moitele User Portal, users may ensure adherence by allocating blocklists and active destination lists to teams.

Assign Allow Deny List

Creating an allow/deny list is an essential aspect of managing your communication infrastructure. These lists help control incoming and outgoing calls by specifying which numbers are permitted or restricted.

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