B2B lead-generating companies highly rely on technology to manage their day-to-day operations. Different teams execute a series of processes upstream and downstream in the lead generation. Though all these teams collaborate, their technological needs differ. As a result, the organisation needs to invest in specialised expertise to manage and maintain its technical needs. 

Moitele offers a hassle-free customer portal that is user-friendly and scalable. Moitele’s customer portal is dynamic and offers role-based access based on the type of account. Role-based access allows the teams to display only relevant information and hide unnecessary information. As a result, the data is secured, minimising the loss.

1. Admin account The account admin has access to this account. The admin can manage and perform different functionalities like creating teams, assigning agents, data management, DID management, and all the crucial functions that aid in the smooth flow of operations. Admin can create various teams and allow access to specific granular data.

2. Teams account – Teams can log in to this account with the credentials provided by the admin. The teams can perform only the assigned tasks. The data generated from this account is specified only to specific teams hence data protection is assured. For instance, the Quality assurance team can access only the call recordings to analyse. As a result, the chances of misusing the data can be minimised.

3. Agent account – The agent account is accessible by entering the account-specific credentials. Many agent accounts can be created and managed depending on the size of the organisation. The agent can only view and download the data generated from that specific account.

Experience the versatility of the Moitele customer portal. Moitele customer portal is recommended for businesses of all sizes as users receive various features under one provider.

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