Ask and you shall receive is a motto at Moitele. When existing and new customers require a solution- Moitele creates it. Listening to clients and meeting their needs, is what helps Moitele help businesses succeed. Industry awareness is a key factor in creating the ideal B2B solution.


Updated services and strong servers

Each feature and tool can be customized according to the user and business needs. SMEs require and need contact center providers that can keep up with advancing technology and a changing market. With Moitele, businesses receive the ultimate solution fitting their needs and tools that are updated consistently.

Moitele’s server hosts every customer with ease and calls are at a MOS score of 4.3 and low latency with minimal delay in how data is communicated.


Call recordings, data management, and much more to come

Data is crucial to budding companies as it offers a chance to collect information, learn from it, and grow the business. At Moitele, all the available data can be stored, downloaded, and shared within the organization. 

The newest feature of data storage is the ability to upload EXCEL and CSV files with customer data and make calls directly from the sheet. The sheet is fully editable and users can also assign employees to the clients.


The sales and management solution- all in one

In addition to the contact center software which is the heart of Moitele, some multiple tools and features branch out and offer businesses a canopy from which multiple business functions can be executed. The new CRM integration for Zoho is a live example of how Moitele manages to deliver an array of solutions from the same provider. 

Businesses find all their needs met with Moitele and when a new need comes to focus, the team rolls up their sleeves to start finding a solution for the client. Trust, loyalty, technological growth, and attention to the customer’s needs are what make Moitele one of the best contact center providers. 


Innovation, Creativity, and the best developers

The innovative and creative minds behind Moitele constantly strive to improve the software. The global infrastructure of Moitele allows for a creative team that brings new and challenging concepts to the table. These concepts are then made a reality with the help of the most talented developers in the industry. 

Moitele is a Finnish company and true to the Finnish brand of providing users and businesses the best in quality. Join Moitele today and take the next step in technological advancement.

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