Moitele cloud communication tools help businesses reach prospects and clients globally. Our communication tools accommodate different industry needs and offer flexibility for remote teams. 

So, why choose Moitele? Give us the next five minutes to let you decide if we are a good match for your cloud communication needs.


Easy To set up with minimal training required

Our tools are versatile and easy to use. Often our clients require minimal training or no training at all. We follow the universal login on our customer portal and our softphone, making it easy to use our tools. 

Additionally, our support team offers free training for you and your team while you onboard onto the Moitele platform. We train our support team to troubleshoot your issues while helping you learn how to use Moitele’s tools.


We provide applications for different lead generation needs

We provide five different softphone applications because our team of developers understands that there never is one fit for all challenges. Each softphone application answers unique challenges faced by your company.

The logic and user interface between these five applications is similar, making it easy to switch between different applications based on your needs.


We offer premium customer support at no additional cost

We offer premium customer support at no additional cost. While many providers in the industry may charge you extra for quality support, we offer 24×7 support via email, call and chat at no additional cost. 

We also provide an extensive knowledge base library with numerous articles for different queries and issues. 


Quality network with 100% uptime

Moitele provides uptime monitoring, and our current uptime is at 100%. You can monitor uptime easily by visiting

We provide a VoIP quality testing tool that checks your network connectivity and offers insights on network parameters such as MOS score, latency, jitters, and packet loss.


Global DIDs

We provide phone numbers for over 60 countries, making it easy for you to grow your business globally. In addition to providing international phone numbers, we offer a feature that lets users run spam checks on phone numbers. 

Your business can protect its customer trust and reputation by running spam checks on phone numbers. 


Live dashboard analytics

We provide data management tools on the different modulus of the customer portal. Users can download and share statistics. 

Live dashboard analytics show real-time data on call consumption and employee data. We also provide live call monitoring tools and public dashboard links. 


Chrome plugin and CRM widget

We offer a click-to-call Chrome extension for all Chromium-based browsers. Our browser extension eliminates the need to copy/paste and makes phone numbers on web pages clickable. 

Our CRM extension enables users to make calls directly from their CRM database, saving time when contacting leads. 


Flexible and Reliable

Our service and products are reliable and flexible. We offer different plans tailored to your needs and provide pay-as-you-go packages. We introduce new features and bug fixes monthly to deliver the best user experience.


Agent performance management module

Easily manage and monitor agents with our agent performance module. The agents in your organization can check in/out during work, generate timesheet reports, and improve performance.

The agent performance management module is available to Moitele customers at no additional cost. 

You can become a Moitele customer by registering for our service at or by emailing us at 💙

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