Any call made to a customer service representative will always be led or followed by a feedback session. This feedback form or questionnaire helps businesses monitor customer service quality and voice quality. Voice quality monitoring is essential to keep customers happy and maintain the company’s reputation. 

So what is voice quality monitoring, and why is it crucial for cloud communication companies?

At the end of this blog post, we will announce our new VoIP quality testing tool. Stay tuned.


What is voice quality monitoring?

Voice quality monitoring uses voice quality metrics to detect call quality. These metrics include packet loss, jitter, latency and MOS score. Successful voice quality is when data reaches the recipient from one end to another over the internet.


Voice quality metrics

Voice quality is measured using metrics such as MOS score, jitters, packet loss, and latency. 

MOS score:

MOS (mean opinion score )is a measuring tool that helps predict voice quality by rating scores of 1 to 5. Human subjects rate test suites of voice samples and take a mean opinion score based on ratings of multiple listeners.



Jitter is the crowding in the IP network that causes variation in the delivery time of Data Packets. High jitter can affect the voice quality.


Packet loss:

Packet loss is when some packets fail to reach their destination as data packets are being sent and received. 



Low latency is a network optimization that can process a high volume of data with minimal delay; latency. Latency is the time to access data


How does Moitele measure voice quality? 

Our customers make many calls daily, and we prioritize maintaining voice quality. When there is an issue with voice, our teams aim to mitigate problems within minutes. So how do we measure our voice quality, and why is it important? 

Voice connectivity issues can snowball and create problems for our clients. A brief period of call connectivity issues results in the interruption of the business. We actively monitor voice quality to limit expensive downtime for our customers. 


Moitele Uptime Monitoring Tool

Watch the video below to learn about Moitele’s uptime monitoring.

Say hello to our new VoIP quality testing tool!

Moitele is happy to announce our new voice quality testing tool, which will be available to customers in the upcoming weeks. Here are some feature specifications of the voice quality monitoring tool:

  • Available for use directly on browsers 
  • Uses voice quality parameters such as MOS, jitters, latency, and packet loss
  • Data is available in interactive graph format
  • The test takes place in under thirty seconds
  • Includes instructions and summary of network performance parameters

The voice quality testing tool helps customers understand network performance and why their calls drop. These insights also help Moitele’s support team understand and mitigate call connectivity issues.

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